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Welcome to Our web site!

These are our Terrier mix puppies.  Born July, 19 2003 The pup on the bottom is a boy and is named "Moondoggy". The pup on top is a girl and is named "Gidget".  We will be taking more pictures and will post them on the "Our Kids" page.


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Our home page is a great place to let you all know about the changes in our lives. Check back here to see what is NEW! Soon I will be developing a page that you all can give us an impression of our site.

Posted new pictures of our Transatlantic Cruise to Europe.

I held a 55th Birthday Party for Marilyn at the Spaghetti Grill. 

Marilyn held a Charity Bake Sale and made over $900.00!!!

I finally got Marilyn to go to a NASCAR race with me. We took the train to the speedway and let me tell ya, that's the ticket! No problems parking and you don't have to fight the traffic>>>. It was a bit hot but we had a great day. Michael lost, as usual.

We meet with 2 couples from England which we were on a cruise with 2 years ago. Las Vagas was the location for a GREAT reunion with these lovely people. We spent 5 days there and had a splendid time! Thanks to Dave, Evan, Thelma and Maureen for enriching our lives!

Off we go to the Falcon Nationals near San Francisco. Here are some of the pics at pier 39.

We took a little trip to the Oil Museum in Santa Paula with our car club. Here are some of the sights inside the museum.

Off we go to Hawaii again on a 14 day Island Hopper Cruise.

I have added a page of pictures on Greg and Wendie.

Moved the pages to the new domain, EMERGENCE-BBS.COM 

We are off to Maui for our 15th wedding anniversary.

I finally got all the pictures from Greg and Wendie's Wedding up. You've got to check them out!

We are off to a cruise through the Panama Canal.

We took another Cruise. This time we went to Alaska.

I bought another Ranchero. It is a 1960 Round Body.

I entered the Ranchero in its first car show. Fabulous Fords Forever.

I have added a page on our short little trip to visit some friends in Las Vegas.

We are off on another cruise, this time to Hawaii. An 11 day Island Hopper. We leave from Vancouver BC.

Check the photo page for the Caribbean Cruise we went on, and the time we spent in the Walt Disney Resorts. Many Great images!!