Oregon 2002
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My Nephew Greg, his dad and I took a trip up to Oregon to pick up a couple of cars. One of them is a 1960 Tudor and the other is a 1960 Ranchero. Both of the cars are a bit rough but they are salvageable. Below are some of the pictures I took on that trip.

This is Doug's home. Beautiful place. Doug owned 3 60's and we bought 2 of them. This is the Tudor Greg got. Another view of the Tudor on the trailer.
 Here Greg is checking out the Ranchero we didn't take. A shot of my trailer and the Ranchero we didn't take. This is the 60 Ranchero I took loaded on the trailer. A rear view of the 60 on the trailer.
A shot of the interior of the 60 I took. Clean! This is a 1966 I6-200 and a 66 C-4.