Hawaiian Cruise 2002
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Our 11 Day Cruise to Hawaii on The GTS Summit.

Day One.

Ships Directory. Our Cabin as seen from the balcony. Looking from our balcony at the back half of the ????. The Summit's sister ship the "Infinity" is leaving port and is bound for Alaska.
The Summit's sister ship the "Infinity"  A picture of the sign, "Port Vancouver" as we leave port. The Port building sure looks like a ship. Still backing out starting to see the scenery around the port of Vancouver British Columbia.
More great coastline, still trying to back out of our parking stall. And yet, a little more of the buildings as we back out. Now a look at Downtown Vancouver BC. The city skyline was so cool I just had to keep clicking off pictures.
More Skyline! A cool Sea Plane flew by very closely as we were leaving. Different angle, but still downtown Vancouver. A look at the Infinity trying to clear an expansion bridge that crossed the port entrance.
Another look at Downtown. Another look at Downtown. Another look at Downtown. Now we are about to pass under the bridge.
Not as big as the Golden Gate but still quite impressive. Phew!,, We cleared it!! Harbor Patrol acted as our pilot ship out of the harbor. A look back at the bridge.
Some boaters wishing us a "Bon Voyage". A look at Vancouver BC as you come in to the harbor. Another look at Vancouver BC. The Celebrity Theatre.

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